Paper Testing Equipment Listing

RBI Developed Out-of-plane Ultrasonic
Time-of-flight Measurement

Tear Testing in Progress

RBI Developed Programmable Robotic Arm
for In-plane Ultrasonic Measurements

Emveco Stylus, Emveco Caliper and
Mullen Burst Testers

Optical Properties Measuring Instruments:
Brightness, Color, Gloss, Opacity

Hygroexpansimiter for CD Profiles of
Paper Machine-wide Strips

Physical Properties Testing Instruments:
Out-of-plane ZTD, 4 Point Bending, High-
pressure Mullen Tester

Compression Tester for ECT Pin Adhesion
and Ring Crush, Bristow Wheel for Ink
Absorbtion Testing

RBI Developed General Use Robotic Arm for
In-plane Stiffness Measurments

Taber Bending Stiffness, Parker Print-Surf
Roughness Measurement Instruments

Instron Test Frame for Generalized
Compression and Tensile Testing

RBI Developed Variable Humidity
Programmable Tensile Creep Tester

Tensile Tester

Video Formation Tester

2 Point Bending Stiffness Tester

Variable Environmental Chambers

Taber Abrasion Tester

L&W Densometer

RBI Developed Torsion Pendulum
for Out-of-plane Shear Rigidity
Measurment of Combined Board

Double Backer Simulator

Mullen for Corrugated Board

Billerud Cutter for T 839 ECT

Honshu AR&PA Score Crack Tester

Crush Tester with T 839 Fixtures

4 Point Bending Stiffness Tester

ECT Creep Analyzer

RBI Crack Angle Tester

Programmable High Humidity Walk-In

BCT Creep Stations Inside Walk-In Chamber

Box Compression Tester

Out-of-plane/In-plane Ultrasonic Tester
(left) and In-plane Ultrasonic Tester (right)

Handle-O-Meter "Handle" or Hand-
feel Tissue Softness Tester

Scott Bond Tester 

Amontons II ISO Method Friction Tester

Zero Span Tester

Sutherland Rub Tester

Paper Mullen Tester

Surface Resistivity

Optical Moire Shadowgraphy

Precision Grinder

Computerized Oven for Moisture Solids
and Ash

Bendtsen and Sheffield Air Leak Method
Roughness Testers

Hot Coefficient of Friction (HCOF) tester

Cycling Paper Bag Handle Tester

Frazier Air Permeability

Corrugated Board Puncture T 803 (GE)

Vapo-meter Cups Set-up for Moisture Vapor
Transmission MVTR

ZD Tensile Tester