Carl Landegger Sponsors Senior Design Project
Carl Landegger
Landegger sponsors MSE to fund a senior design project

Meisha Shofner Explores Paper Structure and Its Opportunities
Meisha Shofner
Dr. Shofner explores paper's structure to create new uses for commercial applications

On-Line Professional Master’s Proposal Moves Forward
Nagi Gebraeel
Professional master's in manufacturing leadership moves further in approval

IPST Students attend AIChE Annual Meeting and TAPPI/PEERS Conference
Students attend American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting

Meet Professor Sankar Nair
Dr. Sankar Nair
Dr. Nair's research utilizes innovative methods to engineer nanoporous materials

Executive Director Norman Marsolan attends TAPPI Papercon in Nashville
Executive Director, Norman Marsolan
Norman attends TAPPI Papercon and Agenda 2020 meeting

Graduate Fellowships Awarded in Paper Science and Engineering
Andrei Federov
12 graduate fellowships awarded in Paper Science Engineering

IPST welcomes Nalco ecolabs

Dr. Lester Li’s Research Recognized
Dr. Lester Li’s Research Recognized
Dr. Lester receives top honors for best PhD thesis in 2013

Dr. Preet Singh’s Corrosion Laboratory Upgraded and Ready to Help
Preet Singh
Dr. Singh works to understand environmental degradation of metallic materials in corrosive environments