RBI-GT Announces Faculty Search
RBI announces faculty openings

Papermaking Museum Opens Exhibit Examining Maps of Africa
African Atlas
Museum opens Maps of African exhibit

Profile: Xiaodan Zhang to Graduate in 2014
Xiaodan Zhang
Zhang prepared to graduate and receive PhD with a major in Polymer, Textile & Fiber

Dr. Doug Dugal Wins Prestigious TAPPI Award
Doug Dugal
Dr. Dugal awarded 2013 TAPPI Herman L. Joachim Distinguished Service Award

Senior Design Project Seeks To Redesign the Paper Bag
Sam Mercer, Janell Finger, Gill Irwin, Kristen Hansen and Rebecca Owens
Seniors test Trader Joe's paper bags to develop a more superior design

Fan Hu Will Earn PhD in Chemistry
Fan Hu
Hu to receive PhD in Chemistry with a minor in Paper Science Engineering

IPST hosts Agenda 2020 Cellulosic Nanomaterials Workshop
Dean Benjamin, NewPage, is Agenda 2020 Board sponsor of the team; Ron Brown is president and executive director, Agenda 2020; Paul Durocher of SAPPI co-leads the team.
Cellulosic nanomaterials workshop focuses on developing technologies using nanomaterials

Welcoming American Process
American Process
American process is welcomed by RBI

Faculty Members Address Technical Conferences
Dennis Hess
Professors Hess and Meredith give talks at Technical Conferences

Faculty Alumnus Dr. Irwin Pearl Turns 100
Faculty Alumnus Dr. Irwin Pearl Turns 100
Alumni celebrates 100th birthday