RBI-affiliated faculty featured in Georgia Forestry magazine

Several affiliated faculty of the Renewable Bioproducts Insistute were recently featured in the spring issue of Georgia Forestry which featured their innovative work in nanocellulose and lignin, entitled, "Forestry on the Cellular Level."

The cover story highlights the progress made with the use of nanocellulose in the creation of fibers and the current research results showing this can revolutionize a number of industries - automotive and aerospace among others - by replacing a protion of the heavier materials such as carbon and steel.

ME Professor Kyriaki Kalaitzidou, MSE Associate Professor Meisha Shofner, Brook Byers Professor with ChBE Elsa Reichmanis, ECE Professor Bernard Kippelen and MSE Professor Satish Kumar all shared the latest developments in this arena, including both progress and limitations of the materials.

Read the full article here.

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